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In the next few minutes you'll discover . . .


How hundreds of people are successfully learning to weave kākahu for their whānau without any prior skills or having to write essays about weaving and from the comfort of their own homes.

Kiriana O'Connell

"A profoundly beautiful experience

This has been an incredible journey full of joy, surprises, support and blisters. I have learnt so much every step of the way but I’d have to say I didn’t expect to feel so close to ōku tūpuna as I went through the process of korowai."

Pictured: Kiriana wearing the Hieke she wove
Kiriana O'Connell wearing one of her hieke.png

Weave Kākahu with Veranoa  in The Weave Korowai Programme

Veranoa Hetet weaving a korowai Legacy Programme.jpg

The Weave Korowai Programme

An online programme that will show you everything you need to know to weave kākahu that your whānau will treasure for generations to come

Veranoa Hetet with Korowai and Mokopuna (1)_edited.jpg

What Do You Get
Inside The Weave Programme?

Weaving Taaniko 2 Dara Barton.jpeg

Module 4 of The Matrix:
The Joy of Taaniko

Learn the Taaniko technique which features as a border of many kākahu

Normally $399 for 12 months

Kiriana O'Connell hieke.jpg

Module 5 of The Matrix: 

Weave Hieke (traditional rain cape) and learn various aspects of designing for kākahu

Normally $1800 for 12 months


Module 5 of The Matrix: 

Weave a piupiu (a skirt-like garment)

Normally $750 for 12 months

Maro by Soraya McConachy.jpeg

Module 5 of The Matrix


Weave a Maro (an apron-like garment)

Normally $750

Muka and mussel shell.jpg

Module 5 of The Matrix

Muka and Feathers

Properly prepare feathers and muka for whatu

Normally $750

Visit your studio Weave Korowai_edited.jpg

Module 5 of The Matrix

Whatu Korowai

Weave a Korowai with muka, feathers and hukahuka

Normally $750

Inside The Program You'll Discover:

Generations Of Weaving Experience

 Learn traditional techniques passed down through generations of renowned weavers

Expert Tuition

  With Veranoa Hetet - a Māori weaving teacher with over 35 years of experience

Proven Results

  Hundreds of weavers who have successfully woven kākahu with our online program

A Mindful Practice That Will Bring A Sense Of Calm

  Discover the benefits of weaving to relieve stress and feel more at peace

24/7 Access To Our Virtual Classroom

  So you can learn when and where it suits you

Easy To Follow Video Lessons with Captions

  So you can replay until you get it

Step-by-step breakdown of the weaving process

  To help you learn quickly and easily

Clear and simple instructions
  So you never feel confused or stuck

Here's How It Works

You'll Also Enjoy

4 Additional Bonuses:


Your Courses On Mobile App 


Available on IOS and Android

Streamline your learning experience on your smartphone

(Valued at $360)


Personal Support


Ask questions about what you're learning and get help at every step of your journey

(Valued at $360)


Exclusive Community

Join our exclusive community of like-minded weavers so you can get support, encouragement and inspiration to fuel your journey through The Matrix

(Valued at $360)


Live Monthly Calls

Join our optional live zoom calls with Veranoa and fellow weavers in our community

(Valued at $240)

The Weave Korowai Programme

Veranoa Hetet weaving a korowai Legacy Programme.jpg

Total Value: $6500+
Only NZD$$99/mo

(You Can Cancel Anytime)

You'll Also Get...

A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


We're so confident you'll love The Legacy Program that . . .


We'll shoulder all the risk involved.

You get a complete 100% money back guarantee of your first payment

Here's the deal . . .

Verenoa is an exceptional teacher with over 35 years of experience.

Veranoa has taught Whatu Kākahu to hundreds of people of all abilities and backgrounds in person and online.

Members consistently rate the program a 10 out of 10 on our feedback survey.

We are 100% sure you'll love your experience in the Weave Korowai Programme

Try it for yourself. Follow the lessons. Join the Community. Ask Veranoa any questions you may have.

If after all that you're still not happy then simply request a refund!

All you have to do is notify us within 14 days of joining, and we'll give you a refund.

If you're not satisfied for any reason, just call us on (64) 21 273 3278 or send us an email to


We'll refund your first payment as soon as possible.

With this guarantee, you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

It's that simple.


Try the Weave Korowai Programme and if you're not happy in 30 days from when you join - we'll give you a FULL REFUND of your joining fee.

Here's what our students say:


"I feel privileged to be a student of the Hetet School of Māori Art.

I love the fact that I have personal, private tuition in my own home, at any time, at my own pace. Veranoa is right with me, taking me through each step, conveying everything - a-tinana, a-wairua (in body and in spirit).

It is a pure luxury to have this special method of teaching given to us"

Pictured: Awhina wearing the piupiu she wove 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 5.34_edited.png


"Learning to weave with Veranoa has opened my life, and made me More.


I feel like a more complete version of myself having been on this amazing journey."

Pictured: Manaia weaving her first korowai

Manaia Carswell weaving Korowai.jpg


Using my hands (knees/legs/arms) to recreate the same methods and processes of those who have gone before me was profound - I really felt my place in the continuum of time and raranga, whatu and tāniko will continue to express itself (te ira raranga) long after I’m gone.


Kiriana OConnell weaving her korowai.jpg


Veranoa Hetet

I Weave, I Breathe

Weaving is literally my life. I weave every day.

Next to weaving, teaching is my greatest passion.

I grew up in a family of weavers. Many of the women in my family were and are weavers: my great-grandmother, Rangimarie Hetet, and great-aunt Diggeress Te Kanawa, my mum Erenora Puketapu-Hetet were all renowned Maori weavers and teachers of weaving.

I learned to weave and to teach weaving by my mothers side. She was a wonderful teacher and I hope to impart to you the knowledge and joy of weaving that she gave me.

Over the past 35 plus years, I have hundreds of people how to weave kākahu (both in person and online) and I know that if you follow the video lessons with me that you will very quickly acquire the skills you need to whatu kākahu for yourself and your whānau.

Happy weaving!


Veranoa Hetet in Te Rito.png

Is our programme right for you?

Keen To Start your Korowai Journey?

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