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Whakairo at the Beehive

Parliament, Aotearoa New Zealand 2023

Pou created by the Hetet whānau of Māori Artists
Whakairo at steps to NZ Parliament

An historic event in the history of Aotearoa New Zealand occurred in 2023, with the installation of whakairo in the form of two pou on the grounds of the NZ Parliament and a pare at the entrance to the Beehive.

The pou were created by members of the Hetet whānau: Len Hetet, Sam Hauwaho and Sonny Davis. Sam and Sonny were also responsible for the carving of the entranceway to the Beehive

Pare at the entry to the Beehive, NZ Parliament
Pare at the entry to the Beehive, NZ Parliament

These works of art were acknowledged with a dawn ceremony led by local Iwi, Te Atiawa.

Dawn ceremony at NZ Parliament for the unveiling of Pou and Pare
Dawn ceremony at the unveiling of the Whakairo - Pou and Pare - at NZ Parliament

Image: Veranoa Hetet

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