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Step into the wonderful world of Māori weaving 

The Free Māori Weaving Experience

Learn to weave Raranga by creating a simple basket following a special series taught in a very special way by renowned teacher Veranoa Hetet

Inside the experience you'll discover: 

A Gentle introduction to Raranga

✓ Learn the cultural values and practices associated with Māori weaving

Expert One-To-One Tuition

✓  With Veranoa Hetet - a Māori weaving teacher with over 35 years of experience

An Insight into Māori Culture

✓  To understand the significance this art form

A Mindful Practice Bringing A Sense Of Calm​​

✓  Discover the benefits of weaving to relieve stress and feel more at peace

24/7 Access To Our Virtual Classroom​

✓  So you can learn when and where it suits you

Easy To Follow Video Lessons with Captions

✓  So you can replay until you get it

Step-by-step breakdown of the weaving process

✓  To help you learn quickly and easily

Clear and simple instructions

✓  So you never feel confused or stuck

The Kono Class

One of the most important classes we teach 


Gather Harakeke


Alternatives To Harakeke


Prepare Harakeke

Kono for MN.png


Hāpine (soften) Harakeke


Weave Kono


Weave Putiputi

You'll Also Have Access To


The Film
Tū Tangata: Weaving For The People


Watch the International Film Festival film about the art and community of Māori weaver Erenora Puketapu-Hetet


So you can be weaving in just days!

Access The Experience On Mobile App 

Available on IOS and Android

Streamline your learning experience on your smartphone

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Enrol Today: FREE

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Pani Taiapa

Have absolutely loved this experience. Highly recommend. Would definitely do it again 💕
I am grateful for this opportunity and hope I'm able to continue on this journey ☺️

Rob Moke

Simply amazing, ... Thank you very much for such an enjoyable and fulfilling journey, fully enjoyed these last few days....



" I would just like to say thank you, and how appreciative I am of this beautiful course. Thank you for sharing your treasured knowledge :)

Let's Weave Together!

Next to weaving itself, teaching others how to weave is one of my greatest pleasures.

I've introduced thousands of people to the world of Māori weaving and I never tire of the joy it brings those who learn.

It's particularly satisfying to see someone who never had  the opportunity to grow up with things Māori, start to feel at ease and more confident simply through learning how to weave a kono or a kete.

So if you thought about joining me to learn but you're not 100% sure then this is an ideal chance to give it a go and see how you feel at the end of the 5 days.

I look forward to sharing the excitement of Raranga with you.

Happy weaving!
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